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Registration and Welcome Coffee: 8:30 am  
Course Duration: 9:00 am-5:00 pm, including networking breaks  

Morning Tea: 10:30 am   
Lunch: 12:30 pm   
Afternoon Tea: 3:00 pm   

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  • Acknowledgement of Country 

  • Introductions 

  • Check-in and Reasons for Attending 

Organisations as Systems 

  • Overview of ‘organisations as systems’ framework 

  • The rational and non-rational aspects of organisational functioning for outcomes and sustainability 

  • The behaviourally aligned organisation 

  • How do we align our culture and strategy? 

Strategic Acumen 

  • What is strategic thinking? 

  • Insights into strategic decision-making 

  • The importance of strategic thinking and alignment of STO in the complex business environment 

  • What would line of sight look like in your organisation? 

Organisational Culture 

  • Understanding organisational culture and climate 

  • Strategies for shifting and transforming the existing culture towards a desired state 

  • Living and Working Above the Line 

  • Psychological Safety 

  • The case for culture and what gets in our way 

Exploring Strategy and Culture Case Studies 

  • What have your experiences been with Strategy and Culture? 

  • Where has it gone well? 

  • What opportunities are there for further improvements?  

Strategy and Culture in the Public Sector 

  • How can we do better - approaches to integrating strategy and culture in the public sector 

  • What levers within your organisation can you utilise? 

Check Out and Next Steps 

  • Reflections and Key Takeaways 


Revisiting Organisations as Systems 

  • Organisations as Systems Activity 

  • Using your organisation as an example, fill in the key activities across both Strategy and Culture 

  • How is your organisation balanced, do you tend to favour one aspect over another? 

  • What can we learn from this? 

Leading from the Front 

  • The importance of being a First Team 

  • Qualities of visionary leaders 

  • Demonstrating shared stewardship for your organisation 

Trust Based Culture 

  • Trust as the basis of culture 

  • The Five Functions of Effective Teams 

  • Growing collective psychological safety 

Driving Change 

  • Understanding change 

  • The importance of effective change 

  • Understanding the human response to change 

  • Change in the Public Sector 

Gaining Commitment 

  • Overcoming resistance to change 

  • Creating alignment with strategic goals and objectives 

  • Planning to support business as usual through change 

Embedding Change 

  • Maturing change capability in the longer term 

  • Transitioning changes to business as usual 

  • Supporting the transition to the new  

Check Out and Next Steps 

  • Reflections and Key Takeaways 

  • What are the practical next steps you will take? 


All attendees will receive a training booklet and certificate upon

completion of the program

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