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Integrating Strategy, Culture and Change Management for Public Sector Performance


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Helen Wood
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Consultant
TMS Consulting


Change in the public sector is constant and complex, encompassing Machinery of Government changes, shifting political agendas, evolving policies, and fluctuating priorities. These dynamics are further complicated by bureaucratic hurdles, diverse stakeholder interests, emerging technologies, and resourcing challenges. To navigate this environment, the public sector must be resilient, adaptable, and equipped to fulfill the policy agendas of governing bodies while retaining and attracting talent.

This workshop will guide you through the process of planning, preparing, strategising, and implementing changes—whether minor or significant—within your organisation. You will learn strategies to build resilience, adaptability, and change readiness in your workplace, fostering a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. By cultivating a positive organisational culture, you can inspire innovation, collaboration, and engagement among your team members.

Embrace this opportunity to transform your organisational culture and lead with confidence in the face of change.

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand Organisational Systems: Master the 'organisations as systems' framework, understanding both the rational and non-rational dimensions of organisational functioning to enhance overall effectiveness and sustainability. 

  • Develop Strategic Acumen: Gain insights into strategic thinking and decision-making processes, learning how to align strategic goals with organisational outcomes in the current complex business environment. 

  • Cultivate a High Performing Organisational Culture: Understand the dynamics of organisational culture and develop strategies to shift and transform existing cultures towards a desired culture that fosters high performance. 

  • Lead Change Effectively: Understand the human response to change and learn methods to effectively lead and support change initiatives, overcoming resistance and ensuring alignment with strategic goals. 

  • Build Trust-Based Teams: Explore the role of trust in organisational culture, learning how to foster trust and psychological safety within teams to enhance collaboration and effectiveness. 

  • Embed Sustainable Change: Develop skills to mature change capability within their organisations, ensuring successful transition of changes into business as usual and supporting long-term sustainability. 

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"It is one of the most relevant sessions I have attended in my 40+ year career. All executives, senior and middle management as well as Change managers should attend this course."

– Director Home Ownership,    Indigenous Business Australia

"This session provided the missing link I was missing from completing theoretical credential based change management courses. If you are wanting more and to hear about the real world application of organisational change, look no further!"

– Senior Project and Change Manager, Arts Centre Melbourne

"I learnt so much, not just about change management but about leadership and organisational psychology in general. I went back to the office with a spring in my step, full of ideas and concepts to strengthen my organisations change management processes and my own leadership style. Even if you think you "know" change management, I guarantee you will take something out of this training.’

– Manager Human Resources Partnerships, Northern Beaches Council


"What a fantastic workshop! I learnt so much about myself and areas for improvement. Sally's delivery was exceptional and I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time and learn from others during the workshop, encompassing a range of professional roles. Highly recommend."

– Coordinator
Planning Assessment,

Moreton Bay Regional Council 

"Helen's ability to engage and inspire was evident as she adeptly led us through a series of exercises, tailored specifically to address our needs. The delivery was seamless, with Helen showcasing a profound understanding of our school culture and the challenges we face. The outcomes were tangible; our team left with actionable insights and a renewed sense of purpose, which has since translated into improved communication and collaboration across the senior leadership. One particularly impactful exercise was the 'Vision Alignment' session, where Helen challenged leaders to articulate their vision for the future. This exercise not only clarified our collective goals but also revealed areas where our perspectives diverged.

– Executive Principal,    

Australian International Academy of Education (AIAE)

"Helen was a fabulous presenter, very engaging and knowledgeable whose extensive experience will shine through. We had a really diverse group of participants and it was interesting hearing the experiences from different levels of Government. Any leader who is in a position that requires them to steer a team through a significant change process should attend this workshop! I learnt a lot about myself and how I have typically responded to change in the workplace, and I now feel like I have the tools to improve not only my own experience, but that of my team as well.!"

– Acting Assistant Director Reportable Incidents, NDIS 

Who Should Attend the Change Management and Culture for Public Sector Workshop

This course is designed for anyone leading a team or responsible for managing change, strategy, and culture within their organization, across all levels of government, including departments, agencies/services, and local councils, with job titles including:

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Project Manager

Heads of/ Director of

Head of HR

Chief of HR

Change Manager

Organisational Development Business Partner

Business improvement


Team Leaders

HR Director

People & Culture Partner

General Manager

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